Handling Gloves (Non-Grips)
Handling Gloves (Non-Grips)
Handling Gloves (Non-Grips)
Handling Gloves (Non-Grips)

The Modern-Day GK

Handling Gloves (Non-Grips)

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The Modern-Day GK Non-Grip Handling Glove

Want to improve your handling ability?

This glove means you need to rely on your timing and technique as opposed to the grip of your latex

Thin and lightweight material will enhance sensitivity. Forces you to practise applying the right amount of pressure on the ball to secure

The lack of grip will create and exert realistic pressure into the GK’s conscious awareness and enhance his psychophysical conditioning in the process

To get familiar and promote the handling process, enhance kinaesthetic reactions and store the appropriate method of practice

To master the ball, enhance confidence and disengage from the fear of spilling the ball

Speed up the technical development of your handling

Enhances sensitivity to the ball + forces you to practice applying the right amount of pressure to secure the ball

Improves force absorption and grip strength

Increases confidence through adversity: overcoming mistakes / fear of dropping the ball / fear of the ball

Improve overall decision making

Help reduce chances of injury through an improvement in timing / technique / focus / conditioning

***Please only use this glove for handling sessions or as part of your warm up***

Don't use them for full paced strikes

❗️FAO Pre-Orders ❗️

We’re hoping to have all sizes back in stock by the first week of December (but there is always the chance of delays)

Once we have them in stock we will send all orders out immediately 😃

So PLEASE keep this in mind when pre-ordering as there could be delays

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