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- Speed up the technical development of your handling
- Enhances sensitivity to the ball + forces you to practice applying the right amount of pressure to secure the ball
- Improves force absorption and grip strength
- Increases confidence through adversity: overcoming mistakes / fear of dropping the ball / fear of the ball
- Improve your overall decision making
- Help reduce chances of injury through an improvement in heighten sensitivity / timing / technique / focus

- Better build quality
- Improved stitching
- Reinforced backhand
- Thicker palm
- Extended wrist for more support

Psychological benefits. -Wearing the gloves doing the most fundamentally basic drills dramatically heightens the stress / anxiety levels of the goalkeeper. It throws them into the psychological challenge zone even during simple drills. Taking the keeper out of their comfort zone forcing psychological growth. The negative consequences of poor technique are amplified by anti-grip palm means that smaller errors have far more drastic consequences. The inevitable resulting mistakes provide keepers with an opportunity to overcome adversity by practicing recovery from an error (work in the face of adversity and overcome challenge).

Psychophysical benefits- Thinner materials on the glove enhance sensitivity and kinetic awareness. This means keepers will know, with greater accuracy, where the ball is in relation to the ideal catching position. Heightened sensory processing enables better approximations which makes you more efficient at saving / holding the ball. Force absorption & grip strength, protection from injury. The lack of grip / padding on these gloves teaches you to properly absorb force, thereby reducing injury risk. A common issue with younger keepers is the fear of the ball. By wearing these gloves, you are exposing keepers to a worst-case scenario – zero grip!

If used in a progressive overload manner, this can teach them to control the ball properly and trust in their hands.


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