The Modern-Day GK: Let’s Change Goalkeeping

In the world of football, everyone's got their own story to tell, and our journey is no different.

Hi, I’m Mark, and along with my brothers Shaun and Lee, we've faced our fair share of challenges, setbacks in the game. Our story blends our deep love for football with a shared vision to redefine the art of goalkeeping.

The mental side of the game often held us back. It's something many players can relate to. But it was in these moments of struggle that we found our inspiration.

Lee, especially, with his 16 years of professional experience as a goalkeeper, felt that his style of play wasn't always understood or appreciated. He was probably ahead of his time. But he also sensed that something crucial was missing in goalkeeper training, and the support for goalkeepers in the football community was lacking.

That's when we decided to take action. We founded "The Modern-Day GK" with a clear mission in mind: to educate others about goalkeeping, challenge the norm to completely transform the way goalkeepers train and approach the game. 

Our mission is simple but powerful: change the perception of goalkeeping. We believe that goalkeepers should be seen as more than just shot-stoppers; they should be recognised for preventing the chances from happening as well as playmakers on the pitch. 

The Modern-Day GK promotes a positive, proactive style of play that not only protects the goal but actively contributes to the team's attack. We want goalkeepers to not worry about making mistakes. We want them to play with freedom. Something we never really did.

Through this blog series, we’ll dive deep into the world of goalkeeping, exploring innovative training techniques, discussing the mental side of the game, and sharing tactical insights we've gathered over the years. You'll get a glimpse into our personal stories, including the highs and lows we've experienced, and understand how our unwavering passion for the game has driven us to advocate for change.

So, join us on this exciting adventure as we explore The Modern-Day GK. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of keepers, helping them reach new heights in the beautiful game.

We’re going to start creating some blog / newsletters 🙌