OFF Season + Pre Season Gym Program (PDF Download)

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OFF Season + Pre Season Gym Program (PDF Download)

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OFF Season + Pre Season Gym Program 

The idea of this program is to guide you through the off season and pre season to get you ready for the new season.  Build tolerance, get stronger, be robust and then become more powerful.  Make sure to do the mobility / stability / shoulder / hip work in all phases and also in your season. We want to look after our bodies as much as possible. 

There two phases to the program:

Phase 1 is designed to build your tolerance to increases of training / sport load during post / pre season through higher volume.  We want to build a larger amount of eccentric strength which will help performance (diving / stretching / change of direction). The focus is also on landing mechanics. Teaching / reinforcing the body to absorb force. 

Whilst Phase 2  is designed to help bridge the transfer between training and sport. We introduce a greater strength stimulus and also power. We lower the volume to help accommodate higher training loads on the pitch and to make sure the body can recover for competition.

Phase 1: Off season; Weeks 1-4 : 3 days per week
Focus: Hypertrophy (High Volume) + Landing mechanics + Eccentric strength

Phase 2: Pre season; Weeks 5-8 : 2 days per week
Focus: Strength / Power (Low Volume / High Intensity) + Plyometrics

What is inside the plan:

Mobility / Stability / Shoulder Assistance work

Landing mechanics / Plyometrics

Trunk strength / stability

Hypertrophy / Eccentrics



Phase 3
Once you’ve been through both phases, it should have you ready for the new season.  We want to make sure we maintain all of those strength / power gains so make sure you’ve got your copy of our In Season Strength program to prevent any decreases in performance! 

Important Information

⚠️ This program isn’t for low level experience with strength training

⚠️ Make sure you know each exercise before attempting them

⚠️ Seek help from a professional if you don’t know how to do a certain exercise

⚠️ By completing the purchase, you’re taking full responsibility for any injuries you may receive whilst training

⚠️ (There are no photos included within the instructions)

*written in English